Elevate your spirit through the art of movement
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Elevate your spirit through Living Pilates, it is “The Art of Movement.”

With the idea of creating a sense of community we provide private/ semi-private pilates sessions and group classes with a relaxed vibe and perfect atmosphere for those who are craving to feel good and look good. We make it our job to understand the uniqueness of each individual’s Mind and Body.

Whether toning for a special event or dropping baby weight, strengthening for an upcoming marathon or general rehabilitation, Living Pilates is committed to guide each client to their specific goals. Every private and group session focuses on building strength, improving posture, increasing flexibility and joint mobility, all while developing body awareness and core control.

Living Pilates is the perfect place to strengthen, tone, tighten and transform your body in a welcoming and tranquil environment.

Love with all your heart, laugh often, shake cores, stay humble and live through colors
Be healthy, be fit, be yourself !!! 


• Increases balance body awareness and coordination

• Improves posture and alignment

•Develops deep abdominal muscle strength

•Develops strength and flexibility

•Injury prevention

•Improves performance

• Balance of the strength and flexibility between both sides of the body

•Assists neuro-muscular development

•Strengthens the immune system

•Improves digestion, circulation and elimination

•Relaxes the body resulting on better sleep


• Relieves tension and stress

• Calms and clears the mind

• Centering, bringing us into the present moment

• Promotes thinking and memory

• Increases concentration and focus

• Expands imagination and creativity

• Reduces stress and anxiety

• Balances energy

• Mindful of thoughts, words and actions


•   Builds confidence and self esteem
•   Develops discipline and self control
•   Supports individuality and self expression
•   Supports character and emotional development
•   Encourages social and and environmental awareness
•   Enhances team skills and social interaction
•   Supports a sense of universal connectedness

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